Mantic Games Kings of War Dwarf Ironbelcher Cannon Warmachine


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Number of Miniatures: 1 Warmachine and 2 Crew

Product Type: Plastic Miniatures
Unit Type: Warmachine

Dwarfs are masters at designing and forging engines of destruction, and no dwarf army is complete without a whole array of such machines spitting blackpowder-fuelled death into the enemy ranks. The most ancient and reliable is the Ironbelcher cannon, which causes untold destruction at long range. A more recent development is the Ironbelcher Organ Gun, employs a number of smaller barrels to riddle the target with a veritable hail of shot. It sacrifices the range of its predecessor, guaranteeing that it will never replace the cannon, but its effectiveness at annihilating regiments of armoured troops cannot be denied.

1 Ironbelcher Cannon / Organ Gun including:
Plastic war machine chassis
Plastic Cannon and Organ Gun components
2 plastic Dwarf crew
20mm plastic bases

Models supplied unassembled and unpainted.



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